Barack Obama Destroys His Family After VILE Private Video Surfaces


The Obama family has gone into full panic mode after a disturbing private video of him has emerged that may just destroy them all. Over the past few weeks, numerous male public figures have seen their lives destroyed over incidents of sexual misconduct that are not nearly this bad. Now, Barack Obama himself may find himself going down in flames as a sexual deviant.
Freedom Daily reported that the footage comes from Obama’s first presidential campaign back in 2007, and it clearly shows him showing off his erection to members of the media onboard a plane. The reporters never consented to seeing the future president’s erection, so this would definitely constitute an incident of sexual misconduct.

Making matters even worse is the fact that CNN has actually had this video for years but has refused to release it in an attempt to protect Obama.

“Turns out, this video has existed since 2008, and CNN has been hiding it,” Three Percenter Nation claimed. “Think about this, NBC had the infamous Trump tapes and could have released them during the Primary Elections against Ted Cruz. Instead, they waited until Trump was running against Democrat Hillary Clinton. CNN has done something even more despicable. They hid the video altogether to protect Obama, who, obviously, has survived two election cycles.”
Of course, the Democratic Party has a long history of covering up sexual abuse that was carried out by their leaders. They spent years covering for Bill Clinton even though he was known to have raped and sexually assaulted many women.
Juanita Broaddrick has long claimed that she was raped by Bill Clinton in the late 1970s. Last month, she explained why she supported Donald Trump in last year’s election over Hillary Clinton.
“Why did I support President Trump? I was raped by Bill Clinton & threatened by Hillary Clinton,” she wrote. “I supported the one person who I believed had the chance of preventing my rapist and his enabler from being sent to the White House and back in the seat of power.”