Most of you get up early for work and are probably accustomed to breakfast. You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and no problem to add plenty of calories in it, but they must have food and quality! However, it gives you energy to start the day.
Breakfast must contain an average of between 350 and 450 calories, but without realizing it into a real calorie bomb, although seemingly not seem healthy. Where you are wrong?

1. You start the day with home-modified troubled
“People do not pay attention to what you put into smoothies, and just put in the blender whatever their handy and consider it useful,” said Dr. Angela Jin-Miydol, a spokesman for the Academy of expert nutritionists and dieticians in America. The extra calories come from many fruits, protein powders and sweeteners such as honey, peanut butter and so on.. Angela advises to bet on vegetable smoothies and calculate exactly how much big portion you to fit in calorie breakfast. Do not forget that one grams protein powder has 4 calories.

2. “Delicatessen” yogurt
Muesli is among the most common choice for breakfast. Mixed with yogurt and fruit, in addition to honey … may be less useful dish. Some granular muesli have a high sugar content, pay attention to the fat content of milk and honey may be healthier than sugar, but its inferior calories. Do not forget fructose from fruit and behold – calorie bomb!
Do not put more than 20 grams per serving cereal, choose low-fat yogurt, and if you hold the fruit – look to be more watery as strawberries, raspberries and so on..

3. Oat bran with lots of sugar
Oat bran is a better option than candy / chocolate granular granola, but they need additional sweetening. And not feel put in the portion of honey, maple syrup, sugar or other sweetening matter, virtually no nutritional value. They only elevated blood glucose levels and after time again you relentles hunger.
The solution is to replace sweeteners with ¼ cup fruit and 10-15 grams of nuts. They will reduce calories, but will keep the City and will provide valuable substances your body.

4. Caffeine calorie bomb
Think what you put in your coffee? Or what you take from well-known chains Barista? Cream, chocolate sticks, sparkling milk, syrup taste … supposedly only some fluid and could easily add to your breakfast 400-600 calories!
Instead tread with more sweets, bet the classic black coffee or cappuccino with skim milk. You can sweeten with stevia or sweetener.

5. juices
Do not be fooled that two apples a carrot or some orange juice as no caloric value. The juice is a liquid and even the fleshy part of the fruit is gone, fructose and calories do not disappear. And because the fruit contains a lot of fiber, you feel constant hunger and pour in more and more juices or directly attack the nearest food.
Remember that juices never drink on an empty stomach and must be eaten with proteins and carbohydrates to fill you up.