Congrats To Kellyanne! Moving To DC To Work With Incoming Trump Admin


Congratulations to the first woman in history to leave a presidential campaign and win. I am talking about Kellyanne Conway, former campaign manager for GOP candidate Donald Trump and now currently a Senior adviser to the president-elect Donald Trump.

Conway will be moving to the Washington DC area to work for Trump whether it be in or outside of the administration.

Conway will have the ear of the president and as we know and have seen her on TV handling interviews with opposition media such as CNN and MSNBC, she has a strong voice and is well-respected.

From Fox News:

Donald Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday that she’ll move with her family to Washington, D.C., to take a job in support of the president-elect – either inside or outside his administration.

“My family is going to move to Washington, D.C., and I will either stay outside and run the political super-structure, or I will go into the West Wing and take a position right next to the president,” Conway, who ran Trump’s campaign, told Fox News’ “Happening Now.”

“I just want to find my best and highest use,” she said.

Conway did not specify what job she will take, but made clear she will continue working on behalf of Trump in some capacity, “no question.”

“I have the president-elect’s trust and I have his ear,” she said.

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