The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Muslim migrants are “peaceful” people who just want to assimilate into American culture. In reality, however, this is often not true at all as many migrants have no interest in assimilation. Instead, many migrants want to take over the U.S. as soon as they have the majority so that they can begin enforcing Shariah law.
Unfortunately, this was just shown once again when Muslim migrants took over part of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Freedom Daily reported that the western part of Philadelphia has now been dubbed “America’s Mecca” and “Muslim Town” thanks to the disturbing demographic change that has taken place there in the past few years. The city now has a Muslim state senator, Muslim city council members, Muslim city Board of Commissioners, and up until recently, it even had a Muslim police chief.
Things have now gone so far that local schools are now required to adhere to all Muslim holidays, and the City Hall hosts an annual Iftar dinner in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan.
“Everywhere you go, Muslims in the bank, Muslims in the hospital, in the police department,” said one resident.
Though the media claims that Muslim are “tolerant” and “open minded,” non-Muslim residents have found themselves being plagued with a constant barrage of Muslim-perpetrated crime, and the list of crimes in recent months is so extensive, it is downright mind-blowing.
Just a few months ago, an Imam at a West Philadelphia mosque tried to enforce Shariah law onto his congregation by trying to chop off the hand of a member accused of stealing money. The attack, which happened immediately after prayer services, was so bad that the victim’s hand was nearly severed off completely.
In another 2017 incident, a Philadelphia Muslim tried to assassinate a police officer in the name of Allah, and the cop barely made it out alive.
“When you look at the video, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” Commissioner Ross said. “This guy tried to execute the police officer. The police officer had no idea he was coming. It’s amazing he’s alive.”
In a separate incident that the mainstream media refused to cover, a Philadelphia mother was arrested after federal agents learned of her plot to abandon her two children and join ISIS in Syria in order to pursue “martyrdom operations” with an ISIS fighter she married over the internet. FBI agents raided her home the day she was scheduled to leave the U.S. after she began spreading ISIS propaganda online.
This is just a small taste of the chaos that is happening in America’s new “Muslim Town.” What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.