IMPOSSIBLE: Senate Just REJECTED Trump’s Hurricane Relief And Passed Something EVEN BIGGER


It looks like President Donald Trump has inspired the people in Congress to go the extra mile for the people they represent. Remember how Trump just negotiated that Hurricane relief package of $8.9 Billion with the Dems? Yeah, not anymore…

Don’t get me wrong, the Hurricane relief package with no political games attached that Trump got us was passed. However, the Senate change the amount to $15 Billion.

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The measure passed 80-17. Not only that, but Trump managed to get EVERY Democrat and most Republicans to vote with him on it.

This is an absolutely unprecedented display of bipartisanship and it is ALL thanks to the leadership of President Trump. When the first Hurricane Relief bill was proposed, the Republicans wanted taxes attached and the Dems wanted DACA attached.

Trump put his foot down and said, “No Way!” He was not gonna let the American people, his people suffer for some stupid political games. He took Pelosi and Schumer to his office and within no time he had them all agreeing to put America First.

What happened today is a lesson America needs to learn. We can work together to achieve great things if we put our country before ourselves. Help share this out and let the world see what winning looks like.