Judge Nap: Podesta’s Push For Elector Briefing ‘Not Based in Fact’


Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s support for 2016 Electoral College electors to receive an intelligence briefing prior to casting their official vote for president on December 19.

He also responded to Connecticut Congressman James Himes (D-Fairfield), who declared President-elect Donald Trump “completely unhinged” in also pushing for such a briefing.

Podesta’s announcement comes after Trump told Chris Wallace that he does not receive his intel briefings every day, but instead delegates participation to Vice President-elect Mike Pence and others.

Napolitano said he shares Trump’s view that Podesta’s and select electors’ concerns about Russian hacking of the election are not based in fact, but in an “emotional unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election.”

“The law does not guarantee a perfect election, [it] guarantees a fair election,” he said.

He noted that Russia’s alleged hacking and leaking of Podesta’s emails– many of which involved Clinton allies and aides– would not be an example of the Kremlin hacking the actual vote totals in each state.

Instead, such actions might have swayed voter’s support for or against a certain candidate, he said.