It Just Takes One Word For James Woods To Humiliate The Anne Frank Center For “Drop Dead” BLM Tweet


The verdict on the Philando Castile case made a lot of liberals extremely angry. They continued to rally behind their angry, racist, hate group Black Lives Matter. The Anne Frank Center, once a serious place to remember the Holocaust wrote an extremely insane tweet about Black Lives Matter.

“”All Lives Matter” is like telling African-Americans to drop dead. It is wrong, and it offends our organization’s values. #BlackLivesMatter,” wrote the Anne Frank Center in a now deleted tweet. Conservative Hollywood Celebrity James Woods reacted in the way that we are all thinking…

“What?” tweeted James Woods in return. He is exactly right. Who in the world would seriously believe pointing out that EVERYONE’S life is important is like telling black people to die? Do they not think that black people are a part of “all”? The Anne Frank Center wasn’t done.

“If you really believe all lives matter, you would never substitute All Lives Matter for #BlackLivesMatter,” they wrote. Again, what? Black Lives Matter has never accomplished anything other than convincing Americans to turn on police officers and blame police for all of their problems. They have never done anything positive.

Pointing out that all lives matter is extremely positive. Many people agreed with James Woods. “I would bet she is rolling over in her grave, @AnneFrankCenter is a radical left wing organization, they really do need to remove her name,” wrote one user.

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