Maxine Waters Just Attacked Melania Trump, SUDDENLY Everyone Saw What’s Wrong With Her


Donald Trump loves to use Twitter to attack his opponents — but he has nothing on Maxine Waters. Her Twitter timeline is a collection of hate and fake news, almost all of which centers on Trump.

This week, Mad Maxine decided to attack Trump’s marriage.

In the tweet, Waters claims that “Melania can’t trust Trump.”

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The implication is pretty clear. She’s calling Trump a cheater. 

Like much of what Waters says, there is no actual evidence to back up her claims — but her supporters don’t mind. If they cared about facts, they wouldn’t be fans of Waters in the first place.

Thankfully, even Democrat leadership seems to be put off by Waters’ antics.

But maybe we’re being too hard Auntie Maxine. After all, she’s the best example of leftist hysteria we have. And the poor woman is clearly jealous that Melania is in the White House.

So let’s SHARE her latest attack against the Trumps.

That way, everyone can see how desperate and crazy the left have become.