Muslim Girl Accused Of Lying About Subway Attack By Trump Supporter Finally Caves In Proving Islamophobia Is Liberal Hoax


What, is Yasmin Seweid like three years old?

Because only children will tell tall fibs to protect themselves from the consequences of their mistakes.

In Seweid’s case, the 19-year-old Muslim woman lied to authorities when she said that several white men accosted her aboard a New York subway train early last December.

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The nasty “Islamophobic Trump” supporters — “pigs” one and all — allegedly insulted her and tried to snatch her hijab in front of complacent onlookers, she told the police.

It was all a bold-faced lie.

Seweid recently pleaded guilty in court and must go through six hours of counseling and complete three days of community service, according to the New York Daily News, which broke the original story in December.

The Long Island woman reportedly “admitted she wasted police resources to cover up for her missed curfew,” the Post reported.

After Seweid had been charged with filing a false police report, she told Channel 4 New York that she made the story up because she had been out drinking and wanted to “distract her strict father.”

“Seweid mentioned that her sister has dealt with ‘an insurmountable amount of violence and trauma’ publicly and privately, and asked others to examine why Muslim women feel the need to lie about harassment,” Channel 4 reported.

“I really think people who are concerned about how future hate crimes will be dealt with need to take a step back and think why Muslim [women of color] have felt the need to do this,” Seweid said in a statement.

Nice try, Yasmin.

Turns out her brother, Abdoul Seweid, also had a run-in with the law in the past and tried to lay the blame with “three unknown males,” Pamela Geller noted on her news site.

Seweid’s childish stunt proves beyond a doubt that open hunting season has been declared on white people in general and white men and Trump supporters in particular.

Why didn’t Seweid place false blame on black men for the alleged attack? Or Hispanic men? Or Pakistanis? Or Asian men?

Because if she had done so her face would not have been splashed on the front page of the New York Daily News.

Do you think the punishment for Yasmin Seweid fit the crime of making a false police report?