U.S. Participation in TPP Is History!


This is a change for the good.

Our participation in the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) would have taken our sovereignty away and gave the control of our country’s affairs to a foreign government. It is a disaster and why so many other countries are wanting out of the EU.

It’s a great move to protect jobs and wages in the USA. Big corporations seek lower costs by investing in cheaper labor overseas. I guess pulling out of the TPP will push these corporations to invest more in American workers thereby increasing their wages.

From Fox News:

Making good on a campaign promise, President Trump on Monday signed an executive order withdrawing the United States from the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

The TPP, a giant and semi-secret 12-member free-trade agreement advocated by the Obama administration, aimed to deepen economic ties between the U.S. and 11 other Pacific Rim nations, cut taxes and foster trade to boost economic growth in the process.

Trump argued on the campaign trail that the TPP is harmful to American workers and robs the manufacturing sector.

Supporters of TTP said it would have been a boon for all 12 nations involved and would unlock business opportunities on a global scale. Opponents argued, among other things, it would encourage exporting U.S. jobs to low-wage nations.

Trump’s executive order on TPP came on the same day he met with business executives and was scheduled to meet with union leaders later at the White House.

On the campaign trail, Trump also criticized NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement – saying the U.S. manufacturing sector had been battered by bad trade deals.

Trump is a work-o-holic if you didn’t notice. He was already working before he was sworn in. Look at all the jobs he’s gotten big name companies to either keep or bring back to the U.S.

He said on the campaign trail that he would do this and do it so quickly that we wouldn’t believe how fast it would happen and he was right. That’s why I voted for him because I know Trump is a go getter and he gets things done and done right now.

I hope he continues on stuff like this that matters instead of getting bogged down on irrelevant personal pride issues like inauguration numbers. Pick your battles, President Trump. This is a good one!

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