WATCH: Protester Loses It After Wisconsin Electors Vote For Trump


Donald Trump officially became the President-elect after yesterday’s meeting of the Electoral College. Attempts by liberals to overturn the results by flipping electors failed miserable, and in the state of Wisconsin, led to an unhinged outburst by one protester.

The unidentified woman shouted at Wisconsin’s 10 electors immediately after they cast their votes for Trump.

“You’re pathetic! You don’t deserve to be in America!” the woman frothed, chopping her hand through the air wildly. “This is my America! This is my America! My America! Kick me out if you must! This is my America!”

The woman was promptly escorted from the scene.

As was largely expected by everyone but the most die-hard of anti-Trumpers, Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States by the electoral college on Monday. Trump walked away with 304 electors, 34 more than was needed to secure the win, while Hillary Clinton ended up with 227.