White House Aide Goes Rogue – Reveals Obama’s Nasty Private Habit He’s Been Hiding…


Obama never wanted this getting out…
Barack Obama is undoubtedly in full panic mode this week after a former speechwriter of his wrote a book exposing many secrets of his that had previously been hidden from the public.
Freedom Daily reported that the book talks about everything from d*ck jokes, smoking, drinking, calling each other bro, conquests to conquer women as trophies on a shelf, constant delivery of f-bombs, obnoxious laughing, young white staff, and the notion that everything seemed like a frat party while running the country. David Litt, who was in Obama’s White House for virtually his entire presidency, wrote that he was part of an all-male, all-white and all under-40 team which produced speech after speech for the president.
This is particularly bad for Obama, since he is a race-baiter who wants to be remembered as someone who fought against sexism. Making matters even worse, Litt wrote that seduction in Washington D.C. was “almost painfully easy,” as colleagues used their White House credentials to pick up women.
“There was the winter, for example, when a blond local newscaster caught the eye of a co-worker. (I’ll call him Chase, because that’s what he enjoyed),” he wrote. “‘Chase’ pursued the news anchor by inviting her to holiday receptions and sports teams visits to the White House. Each time she arrived…he’d charm her for a few minutes, drop a couple of names, and then apologize for being so busy he couldn’t stay. It was almost too easy. After sealing the deal, Chase bragged about his conquest, but anyone could tell he was just going through the motions.”
Jokes about the male anatomy and frequent “f-bombs” were also very common in Obama’s White House, it seems.
“During a run-through of his speech for the 2012 Correspondents Dinner, one member of his team made a racially-loaded joke that referenced the president’s manhood,” Daily Mail reported. “The line alluded to Vice President Joe Biden’s remark that POTUS had a ‘big stick’ when it came to foreign policy. ‘Let’s put it this way, dreams aren’t the only thing I got from my father,’ speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum wrote as a joke. According to Litt, ‘POTUS laughed so loudly that I secretly hoped he would add the line to the script.’ However, he explains, a ‘presidential d*** joke was a bridge too far’ during an election year and the line was scrapped.”
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